Isatu Hyde

Isatu Hyde is a potter and designer specializing in restrained and technically masterful wheel-thrown ceramics. Having graduated from Falmouth University in Sustainable Product Design, she went on to apprentice with master potter Andrew Crouch in her hometown of Ludlow, UK. Hyde recently set up a workshop in Shropshire, near the border of Wales, where she works with both Cornish stoneware clay and a low firing earthenware body whose high mica content renders it usable for stovetop and oven cooking. She prefers not to glaze her cookware, instead sanding and buffing it to allow the mica to shimmer through.

Based in the countryside, she finds herself constantly noticing natural forms, colors, and textures, and often begins designing by making simple pencil drawings in a continuous line. As a new mother, the home, table, body, and nourishment are more present than ever in her work. Other influences range from pre-industrial ceramics from female traditions, to Minoan, Mexican, and European Country pottery, and sculpture from 13th-century Ifè (in present-day Nigeria).