Andrew Kontrabecki

Andrew Kontrabecki is a ceramicist and ceramics instructor based in Sebastopol, California. Born in Niagara Falls, New York, Kontrabecki completed a BFA in Ceramic Design in Buffalo in 1998 with a focus on Functional Pottery, Sculpture and Design. For over 25 years, Kontrabecki has honed his craft, drawing inspiration from ancient ceramic cookware and Japanese and Korean wood-fired pottery, as well as from collaborations with professional and private chefs, restaurants and boutiques. For his heat-resistant cookware, Kontrabecki uses the John Toki Flameware Clay from Industrial Materials Company in Sacramento, CA.

As an instructor and mentor in various studio settings, Kontrabecki has likewise helped hundreds of students of all ages and skill levels to achieve fluency in the medium of clay. He is especially devoted to creating durable functional wares that can play a role in our everyday life, a passion that led him to open his own studio, Kickwheel, in Petaluma, CA.