Ryan Preciado

Ryan Preciado is a Los Angeles-based, Nipomo-born designer of Chumash Native American and Mexican heritage, whose work fluidly references both identities. Preciado is best known for highly lacquered pieces recalling the car culture he grew up with, as well as meticulously crafted furniture that evokes a childhood with his Native American grandmother, Donna, who ran a tiny Chumash Native American museum in Guadalupe, CA. Her emphasis on how the objects in the museum’s collection were “made to last in a thoughtful and caring way,” was an inspiration to Preciado.

At the age of 20, Preciado began working with Jory Brigham, a furniture maker in San Luis Obispo, CA, before relocating to Los Angeles. Under the mentorship of Ryan Conder of South Willard Gallery, he became an assistant to Peter Shire, the celebrated, LA-based Memphis Group furniture maker and designer. Preciado’s aim of making objects that are both disarming and inclusive, and which draw inspiration from his culture, family, and community, has led to a unique body of work. His designs reside in the permanent collection of LACMA and have been exhibited at Canada Gallery in NYC, among other venues.