Salsa Verde

Salsa verde is the key to making anything you have in your pantry taste brighter and more delicious, from beans, to soups to fish, meat, vegetables...even sandwiches and pasta! 

Now's a great time to master this quick, easy sauce. 

You can use as many or as few different herbs as you can get your hands on (but we recommend leaning heavily on parsley). At its core, salsa verde is just herbs, garlic, acid and oil. 

How to:

  • Use Alice's Mortar and Pestle to pound a big clove of garlic with salt. If using, deseed and pound a small chili into the garlic.
  • Holding a microplane grater over the mortar, zest a lemon into the garlic and then add its juice.
  • Make a heaping pile of your herbs and use a very sharp knife to chop them to 'medium' (not too fine).
  • Add your herbs to the garlic and pour over a few big glugs of extra virgin olive oil, mixing everything together thoroughly. It should be loose!

Once you’ve added the oil, taste and adjust the seasoning, making sure you’ve added enough salt to bring out the flavor of the herbs and acid. Ladle liberally over everything!