Veronica Ditting

This week, we reached out to London-based art director and designer, Veronica Ditting. We were eager to hear what one possession this powerhouse creative would place in her personal 'Permanent Collection.'

Veronica Ditting: It has to be my four modular glass storage containers by the name of 'Kubus.' Wilhelm Wagenfeld, a metalwork student at the Bauhaus designed and produced Kubus in 1938. The stackable units are made of heat-resistant glass and were originally created for use in the fridge or pantry. Nowadays a rarity, they were initially widely available and represented the mass-produced objects the Bauhaus aspired to manufacture. I’ve owned them for many years and would never sell or give them away: they are hard to come by or just outrageously priced.

Permanent Collection: Do these little Kubus have a more personal story?

V.D.: I came across the glass containers about eight years ago when I was looking into designs made by Wagenfeld, who is best known for designing a table lamp that became one of the Bauhaus school's most popular products. Thanks to lots of endless searches on German Ebay and a local Dutch site, I purchased them one by one. I love a successful thrift search!
P.C.: What do you think it is about these containers that so obsessed you?

V.D.: Improving the way I organize things and reducing clutter is a continuous struggle. I’m slightly obsessed with modular storage containers, especially those made out of glass or wood. When I discovered these, they just sparked Modernist joy! My Kubus containers are always on my desk and I keep lots of knick-knacks in them, from business cards to foreign currency coins. Perhaps I don’t quite give them the honor they deserve.