Renee Friedrich

This week, we reached out to Renee Friedrich, owner of the beloved San Francisco shop, Anaïse, and someone we'd trust to decorate our dream home (and dress us head to toe). We were, needless to say, excited to hear what one thing she'd place in her personal 'Permanent Collection'.

Renee Friedrich: My 'thing' is a topaz gemstone my father gave to my mother in 1982. Inside its box is a receipt from the Tiny Jewel Box in Washington, D.C. – a crepey, pale pink, handwritten paper I find just as beautiful as the topaz.

Permanent Collection: What's the story behind this sweet little stone?

R.F.: Contemplative and poetic, my father did not have very much, but he saved up and purchased the topaz as a surprise for my mother. They had met while he was working as a Russian translator for my mother's neighbor, a book dealer.
P.C: That's such a beautiful story, it almost feels redundant to ask, but why did you choose it?

R.F.: Although it is a beautiful object in itself, it is the sentiment and love behind this gift that is most enchanting of all.