Michèle's Perfect Breakfast

Egg Spoon Recipe:


We asked our friend Michèle, co-founder of Lorenza Wine, to tell us how she uses her beloved Egg Spoon. Michèle regularly hosts big, festive dinners with friends and family, but this is the dish she makes for herself (and her husband) for brunch when tomatoes are at their peak. It's especially good after a night of, ahem, drinking... 

With just a few ingredients—eggs, tomatoes, goat cheese, a slice of bread and herbs—and an Egg Spoon you can make this perfect breakfast too.


1 egg

Olive oil for frying

A slice of bread (a round like an english muffin, thick tortilla or keto bread looks especially beautiful but a slice of any sourdough or savory bread will do)

1/4-1/2 of an avocado, sliced

One thick slice of a late season heirloom tomato

Goat cheese

Freshly chopped dill and cilantro



Put the bread in the toaster

Cook your egg in the Egg Spoon: Crack an egg into a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Turn your burner to medium, grease your egg spoon with olive oil and pour in the egg. Hold just above the flame until the whites have cooked through and browned (about 3 mins). Remove from heat and use a smaller spoon to loosen and flip the egg to crisp the top briefly, then slide onto a plate.

Take your toast out and spread it with goat cheese, avocado, and tomato slice, then top it with the egg.

Dust with crumbled Maldon salt, freshly cracked pepper and as much fresh dill and cilantro as your heart desires

Sprinkle with hot sauce and enjoy!