Egg Spoon Crêpes Suzette

Egg Spoon Crêpes Suzette

A rainy weekend calls for something cozy, and what could be more cozy than crêpes? A classic Crêpes Suzette recipe is transformed in the hands of Griffin Wilson, the inspired chef behind our favorite culinary instagram account @cabincorn. Using our Egg Spoon, Griffin turned out a batch of perfectly golden mini crêpes, proving that this seemingly single-subject spoon can do so much more than the name would suggest.


⅔ cup whole milk

½ cup 00 or All Purpose flour

3 whole eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp raw sugar or maple sugar

2-3 tbsp butter

2 oranges

¼ cup Grand Marnier 


Mix together the milk, flour, eggs and vanilla extract in a blender until smooth.

Preheating your Egg Spoon to a medium heat (either in a wood-burning fire or over a gas flame), add a little pinch of butter to coat the cooking surface.

Adding roughly a tbsp of batter to the spoon, cook until it loosens and you are able to flip it. (45 seconds-1 minute per side over medium heat)

On a sturdy tinned copper, stainless, or non-stick pan, add two tbsp of raw or turbinado sugar, and set to a medium high heat.

Once the sugar begins to melt, let it come to a deep amber color and instantly add a healthy knob of butter (2-3 tablespoons) and stir into the sugar, making a loose caramel.

While over medium heat, add ¼ cup of Grand Marnier, brandy, or other orange liqueur, and flambé the alcohol off. (Be careful not to set your kitchen on fire!)

Squeeze the juice of 2 oranges into the pan and stir into a cohesive, emulsified sauce. 

Fold the crêpes into quarters and add them to sauce over a very low heat.

Flip the crêpes to coat thoroughly, plate carefully, dust with powdered sugar,  and serve immediately!

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