Jochen Holz

For this edition of our In Their Permanent Collection series, we caught up with London-based artist Jochen Holz, the designer and maker of our exquisite handmade glass bowls.

Permanent Collection: Jochen, tell us which of the things in your collection is your 'permanent collection' possession.

Jochen Holz: A little teapot I bought in China 2 years ago

P.C.: What was it that made you choose this teapot? What's it's story?

J.H.: I spent two weeks in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China. There are literally thousands of different teaware items for sale all around the city, so it became quite a quest to find just the right one. I settled on this one.
P.C.: Where does this little pot live in your house? How often do you use it?

J.H.: It has its own little tea tray and I use it several times a day really, I have one pot for black teas and one for green and oolong teas, they all get rebrewed a few times, so lots of little refills and decanting are going on all day.

P.C.: What's your greatest source of creative inspiration?

J.H.: I love working with new colors and at the moment it is exciting to combine some new opaque colors with my transparent palette.