Jacqueline West

This week, we caught up with acclaimed Hollywood costume designer, Jacqueline West. Described by Brad Pitt as a 'method costumer,' West does deep research to create looks for characters that will convincingly – and atmospherically – situate them in a given historical period. We were eager to see what personal belonging she would choose to place in her so-called 'Permanent Collection'.

​Jacqueline West: Without a doubt, it's a treasured copper Craftsman tray I've had for several years. It will forever remain in my Permanent Collection.

Permanent Collection: Where did you come across this sweet little tray?

J.W.: It's actually from my daughter's online 'brocante,' called La Vie en Pastis. Naomi lives in the south of France in a village called Bonnieux and sources beautiful antiques from around France. She has a great eye – I get some of my favorite things from her.

P.C.: What makes this piece particularly special to you?

J.W.: I entertain with it and serve our nightly tea on it in our movie room. Everything looks and tastes more special when served on my copper tray. It’s just the right size, weight and patina – a truly perfect piece.