Eileen Mockus

This week we're especially thrilled to be speaking with Eileen Mockus, the CEO of organic bedding company Coyuchi because her team will be joining us  for a pop-up at our new store at the Marin Country Mart—opening today! Come shop their gorgeous range, November 7–14!

Permanent Collection: Eileen, name the one thing you value most in your personal ‘permanent collection.’ It can be a piece of clothing, an object, a memento, a letter, a book, jewelry...

Eileen Mockus: A pair of Gingher scissors.

P.C.:What’s the story with these scissors? What makes them so special?

E.M.: My Mom had special scissors for cutting fabric that no one else could use and they were only to be used for cutting fabric. When I started sewing, I was able to borrow those scissors for my projects and loved the feel of those scissors smoothly cutting through material. When I took patternmaking, it was very clear how important the right pair of scissors are for cutting, which requires a high amount of precision or the product will be off kilter.

The stitching is important and it’s what is noticeable on the finished garment, but the cutting is critical. My husband bought me this pair of scissors as a gift because he knew I enjoyed sewing and he has always been one to recognize the value of the right tool for a job. I use them regularly, they are well made and a pleasure to use. And they're symbolic of the potential of a piece of fabric—what will it become of it once it's cut?

P.C.: Tell us about a current project you're working on, or an obsession...

E.M.: My current project is making pillows using pieces of Coyuchi fabrics leftover from swatches and samples. I always like to have a stack of fabrics around me and then one day it hits me what I want to do with a particular piece. Lately, everything is a pillow!