Christina Kim

This week, we called on Christina Kim, the legendary artist & designer behind cult fashion label, dosa, to nominate an object she would place in her personal 'Permanent Collection'.

Permanent Collection: Christina, you are famous for your collecting. In fact, you have flat files in your L.A. studio containing whole constellations of objects: colorful jetsam, beautiful feathers, scraps of paper and metallic thread, antique fabric swatches, etc. – these help to inform the creative direction of a given season's garments and products. How were you able to settle on just one thing to place in your so-called 'permanent collection'?

Christina Kim: I knew reflexively that it had to be my Filofax. It's one of my most cherished possessions and it travels with me absolutely everywhere.

P.C.: Why did you settle on this belonging?

C.K.: I have used the Filofax calendar system for close to 30 years, along with a variety of fountain pens in blue ink. Inside of it, I keep a few especially meaningful mementos like temple offerings, a selection of stamps, post-its, photos, and a couple of my small drawings.

P.C.: What more can you tell me about this object?

C.K.: This particular cover is one I've had for more than twenty years. I've always loved that the surface looks like a Korean moon jar. It was a gift from Linda Dresner who had a very chic store on Park Ave in New York City. I think she gave it to me because I was the only one who looked at it and picked it up! It's been the cover for my Filofax ever since.

P.C.: Tell me about that beautiful map...

C.K.: Some people wonder: why the paper map in this era of iPhones and Google Maps? I travel so often for collaborative projects around the globe, I feel that seeing and being able to touch something concrete helps me to know where I am and where I am going.