Cathy Bailey

We're counting down the days to the second annual Heath Make Good Market (in which Permanent Collection is thrilled to participate for the first time!), so we decided to reach out to Cathy Bailey, co-owner of the iconic Bay Area tableware and tile company, Heath, to see what personal belonging she would place in her so-called 'Permanent Collection.'

Cathy Bailey: My 'Permanent Collection' thing is an old Navajo Turquoise Ring that was given to my Great Aunt. I’ve been wearing it since college, which is more than two decades!

Permanent Collection: What else makes this ring special to you?

C.B.: My Great Aunt was doing research on the Navajo Indians and spent a few summers with them living on a reservation. She was given this ring by the tribe when she finished her project. It was passed down to me when I was in college. My Aunt always wore big impact jewelry, large unusual pieces that really caught my eye when I was a child, so I have always treasured this ring. And, of course, it reminds me of her.

P.C.: Do you have a current obsession? Something you're especially excited about

C.B.: The Heath Newsstand. We’ve been working on this project for almost two years! I’ve always had a passion for the printed medium so it was my dream to have a place where we could share culture from faraway lands and different perspectives from our own, while still being a neighborhood hub for all. We sell periodicals with a depth in design, food, and culture, though not at the expense of classic news and periodicals.

P.C.: Where are your favorite spaces to visit for art and design?

C.B.: Gallery Japonesque in San Francisco and Patrick Parish Gallery in New York.