Permanent Collection

Collection Two—

Collection Two is a special holiday collection, an exceptional release following on the heels of Collection One. This focused collection features just five products: three pieces of fine jewelry and two hand-woven scarves.

The jewelry in Collection Two is based on unique designs made between 1965–75 by the legendary Northern Californian artist J.B. Blunk. The originals, made in Blunk’s home studio in Inverness, CA, were gifts for the artist’s wife and close female friends. Permanent Collection selected these rare pieces to be faithfully reproduced in exceptionally limited quantities by Clare Clum in Helena, Montana as part of our continued engagement with the legacies of historically significant artists.

The unisex ‘Heron’ scarves were hand-woven by Daniel Harris of the London Cloth Company on an antique loom dating from the 1920s. These limited edition scarves are made of 100% organic British 2-ply merino lambswool and patterned with a subtle herringbone tweed – a nod to their English provenance and to the rich history of textile manufacture in Britain.

The wrapping paper for Collection Two was specially commissioned from the San Francisco-based artist, Colter Jacobsen.