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Pias for days! New color of our bestselling sandals just added to the online shop: Chestnut (upper left) — featured in the @financialtimes @sfchronicle @tmagazine @cmagazine @7x7bayarea and more, our Pia sandals are the perfect slide to see you through the end of summer... link in bio by @permanentcollection

Cy Twombly working in his home studio in Rome, 1966. rg: @alex_tiwa . . . . . #PCinspo #cytwombly #roma #artistatwork by @permanentcollection

Installation shot from 'Design is a State of Mind' guest curated by Martino Gamper at @serpentineuk in 2014. Martino is the designer of our gorgeous hand-blown Collection Three glassware set 'Acqua e Vino' (swipe left & link in bio) which has been singled out by @tmagazine editors as one of the 'Things T Editors Are Really Into Right Now' . . . . . #serpentinegallery #martinogamper #designisastateofmind #acquaevino #madeinitaly #PCcollaboration #considerateconsumerism by @permanentcollection

A work by the extraordinary #turnerprize nominee Lubaina Himid (b.1954, Zanzibar) in 'The Place is Here' at @southlondongallery : "We will be who we want where we want with whom we want in the way that we want when we want and the time is now and the place is here..." . . . . . #lubainahimid #theplaceishere #PCinspo #blacklivesmatter by @permanentcollection

The towering marble sculpture 'Couple' made in 1982 by the Uruguayan sculptor, Francisco Matto (1911–1995), installed on a beach in Montevideo . . . . . #PCinspo #franciscomatto by @permanentcollection

"Buy Less, Buy Better with the Permanent Collection" was what @elleusa had to say about us — come see how we're redefining the modern bringing back the classics. Link in bio . . . . . #buildyourpermanentcollection #slowfashion #madeinnewyork #curateddesign #considerateconsumerism 📷: @marlen_s_keller by @permanentcollection

The late great conceptual artist Elaine Sturtevant (here dressed as Joseph Beuys) muse of our 'Sturtevant' organic linen jacket, perfect for taking you from summer into fall — link in bio #sturtevant #PCmuse by @permanentcollection

Imogen Cunningham, 'Hand Weaving with Hand', 1946 — thinking about our upcoming weaving project for a Collection Four alpaca blanket . . . . . #PCinspo #imogencunningham #PCmuse #handweaving #slowfashion #indevelopment by @permanentcollection

#buildyourpermanentcollection — the Blunk Bangle meets an 'Acqua e Vino' glass and the Louise dress for a study in circular forms. Check out the collection online : link in bio . . . . . #martinogamper #slowfashion #handblownglass #14kgold #woolcrepe #considerateconsumerism by @permanentcollection

San Francisco legend and muse of our lush 'Asawa' scarf, custom-loomed in Japan: sculptor Ruth Asawa kneeling behind an iconic looped-wire piece, ca. 1957, photographed by Imogene Cunningham . . . . . #PCmuse #PCinspo #imogencunningham by @permanentcollection

'La Bretonne' by the extraordinary Romanian Surrealist Victor Brauner, 1959 #PCinspo by @permanentcollection

The Blunk Double Hoops and the 'Charlotte': the only blouse you'll ever want to wear — made of a gorgeous super soft woven wool from Loro Piana. Subtly textured with a perfect drape. Named for legendary designer #charlotteperriand and #jbblunk respectively #doublehoopearrings . . #buildyourpermanentcollection #PCmuse #madeinnewyork #loropiana #slowfashion #considerateconsumerism by @permanentcollection

Ceramic artists Peter Voulkos, John Mason, and Paul Soldner at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, 1956 — rg: @simonebodmerturner #PCinspo by @permanentcollection

James Baldwin and Medgar Evers in 1963 — read @fionnmeade on the subject of 'Becoming American' in the most recent volume of our arts and culture journal 'Works on Paper' — you can find it online but we also sell a beautiful hard copy edition in our shop, designed by @apracticeforeverydaylife and printed in London! © Steve Schapiro #worksonpaperjournal by @permanentcollection

This is a painting by the California artist John Anderson from the 1960s — we're working with his estate and a historical British textile mill to make an alpaca blanket for our next collection #comingsoon #indevelopment #PCinspo by @permanentcollection

'Indira and Amrita' by Umrao Singh Sher-Gil, 1923-24 #PCinspo by @permanentcollection

Thanks @_sightunseen_ for including our set of 'Acqua e Vino' glasses in your 'Saturday Selects' last month! 💙 Link in bio. by @permanentcollection

Yeas Nakaji Umibe (seaside) 1938 . . #PCinspo by @permanentcollection

Barkley Hendricks, detail of 'What's Going On' (1974) in the art in the age of Black Power show @tate 'Soul of a Nation' by @permanentcollection

Traditional dress from Bückeburg, Germany 1930 . . . #PCmuse #PCinspiration by @permanentcollection

Lori in the 'Agnes' shot by @roryvanmillingen in the London studio of #MartinoGamper #slowfashion #madeinnewyork #buildyourpermanentcollection #PCmuse by @permanentcollection

Frank Lloyd Wright tile mosaic from 1929 — rg: @themuseumofmodernart by @permanentcollection

A view from below: inside Jay Nelson's 'Structure for Seeing 5' on view in the exhibition 'Architectural Pavilions: Experiments and Artifacts' at the @museumofcraftanddesign in San Francisco, curated by @mariah_nielson by @permanentcollection

Read @amy_sherlock's musings on the subject of 'permanence' in the second volume of our journal 'Works on Paper' — link in profile — we also publish the journal in a beautiful hard copy edition designed by @apracticeforeverydaylife which can be purchased in our online shop — this is 'Still Life with Peaches,' ca. 50 A.D., a fresco from the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum #worksonpaperjournal by @permanentcollection

A colored band of glass — the prosecco glass from our 'Acqua e Vino' set, designed by #MartinoGamper and hand blown outside of Venice by @permanentcollection

Detail of Princesse Broglie by Ingres, 1851–53, a favorite painting at the @metmuseum tucked away behind the medieval galleries by @permanentcollection

Tina Modotti, roses, 1924 — Modotti (1896-1942) was an Italian photographer, model, actress and revolutionary political activist who divided her time between San Francisco and Mexico, befriending the artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and Manuel Alvarez Bravo and becoming a lover of the famed photographer Edward Weston. #PCmuse by @permanentcollection

The 'Blain' tunic, a long, lean layering silhouette in a lightweight, super soft woven wool textile from Loro Piana #buildyourpermanentcollection #slowfashion #madeinnyc by @permanentcollection

Ancient Greek amphorae from a shipwreck off Filicudi, regram: @anncgall, Director of Collections @tate by @permanentcollection

The muse of our summer essential 'Pia' sandals: Pia Colombo (1934–86), a famed 1960s-era crooner of Franco-Italian origin. Compared to Edith Piaf, Colombo worked with Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Brel, and appeared in Jacques Tati’s 1974 film “Parade.” #PCmuse by @permanentcollection

Mary Heilmann's 'The Green Sea', an oil painting from 1996. Another work by Heilmann, 'The First Vent' (1972) is the subject of a beautiful essay by Ben Eastham in the second, just-published volume of our art journal 'Works on Paper' — read it online or visit our online shop to buy a gorgeous, limited edition hard copy! #worksonpaperjournal #beneastham #maryheilmann by @permanentcollection

Please join us this week for two pop-ups with @coyuchi ! TONIGHT: Thursday, July 20th 5 – 8pm Coyuchi Showroom 1400 Tennessee Street San Francisco, CA 94107 ... SATURDAY, July 22nd 4 – 8pm Coyuchi Outlet 11101 CA-1 #201 Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 by @permanentcollection

Inimitable style — check out 'Noguchi's Playscapes' a wonderful newly-opened exhibition @sfmoma showcasing Isamu Noguchi's whimsical public and sculptural works. by @permanentcollection